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Helping B2B Coaches Get A Steady Flow Of High Quality Clients From LinkedIn Within 90 Days Or Less

YES! I Want High Quality Coaching Clients

Are You Struggling To Get A Steady Flow Of High-Quality Clients?

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Do you feel overwhelmed with traditional marketers and gurus telling that you have to create lots of free content to attract high-quality clients?

Are you struggling to get a steady flow of high-quality clients? on a consistent basis?

Do you find it frustrating having 121s or calls with freebie seekers that are just looking for free advice that have no intention to buy?

Did you know that it is easier to get high-quality clients than it is to get lower paying clients!?

Read on to find out more.

You Aren’t Alone As I Struggled Too

I know as I struggled to get clients when I set up my own web design and digital marketing agency despite having industry recognised qualifications and years of marketing experience.

I fell for it too, believing that churning out endless free content to show my expertise was the only way to go. When in fact, all that was happening was that I was attracting people that wanted exactly that…free content!

Once I changed my business model to attracting high-quality clients, life became a lot easier that allows me to work with less clients and earn significantly more.

I have earned my stripes in the trenches with over 5 years hands on marketing experience fine tuning this.

My promise to you is that if you don’t get high-quality clients within 90 days or less, I will give you your money back!

Bespoke 121 Coaching


I will personally teach you how the top 5% of B2B coaches cherry-pick high-quality clients & leave everyone else to fight over what’s left


Where I help you to optimise your LinkedIn profile and your website to appeal to high-quality clients


I will show you how to get high-quality clients from LinkedIn & how to build rapport with them


I will help you fine-tune your messaging so that high-quality clients will book themselves in for a call


I will train you on how to nurture and close high-quality clients

Done For You


One of my team, that I have personally trained will carry out all the work for you so you can concentrate on other areas of your business


We will optimise your LinkedIn profile to appeal to high-quality clients


We can post all your LinkedIn posts on your behalf so you don’t have to


We can find high-quality clients for you on LinkedIn, send them connection requests & build up rapport


We can even build you a new high end website and handle all your sales call for you

If you don’t get high-quality clients within 90 days I will give you your money back!

​​​Who This Is For

Sales, marketing & business coaches

Business book coaches & some other businesses with B2B clients

Ambitious coaches that are prepared to show up and do the work

Who This Isn’t for?

B2C coaches

New coaches that don’t have any clients yet or are thinking about becoming a coach

Coaches that are stuck in their ways & aren’t prepared to change

​​​Who This Is For

Sales coaches & marketing coaches

Business coaches & other businesses with B2B clients

Ambitious coaches that are prepared to show up and do the work

Who This Isn’t For?

B2C coaches

Coaches that don’t have any clients yet

Coaches that are stuck in their ways & aren’t prepared to change

How To Get High-Quality Coaching Clients

In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Click the gold button below so you can book a call with me where I will explain how you can get high-quality clients

Step 2

Sign up as a client of mine so I can help you stop wasting time and money trying to work this all out on your own

Step 3

Leave a deposit so we can book our first coaching call for you to get high-quality clients within 90 days or less

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Client Generation Coach

Why did you set up as a coach?

Was it to work less or earn more?

If you are like me it was probably a bit of both.

So click the gold button to if you are serious about recession proofing your business by getting high-quality clients and you’ll find out:

  • How to have a predictable systematic process to get high-quality clients
  • How to cherry pick high-quality clients and repel the freebie seekers
  • How you can work less and earn more without using complicated tech

So you can have a systematic client generation process without ever having to wonder where your next client is coming from.

You have read this far so you may as well click the button to find out the strategy for getting high-quality clients because it will be the best decision that you make this year.

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