Find Out How Coaches, Consultants & "Client Businesses" Can Get Higher Paying Clients

Even if you are virtually unknown without having to produce endless free content.

Are you struggling to get higher-paying clients?

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Do you worry about where your next client is coming from?

Are you fed up working for low paying clients just to get by?

Do you find that posting for free on your social media business pages, having a podcast, a YouTube channel & churning out free content a complete waste of time?

Well, you are not alone because marketing has moved and these techniques don’t work for coaches, consultants and “client businesses” any more.

Deep down you know that you have to try something else!

There is another way

Where you don't have to be some kind of guru to get higher paying clients
Where pre-qualified clients come looking to work with you
Where you can pick and choose who you want to work with
Where you can have financial freedom and work from wherever you want
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The Digital Growth Method

The Digital Growth Method is specifically for coaches, consultants and “client businesses” that want to scale their businesses and the best way to this in 2021 is by getting higher-paying clients.

Watch my FREE training that will show you what you need to do to get higher-paying clients even if you have spent money on a website that isn’t generating any money for you, have no idea about marketing and don’t want to spend time building up a huge following on social media.

In the FREE training, you will find out why copying what the gurus are doing by creating endless free content to attract clients doesn’t work any more for coaches, consultants and “client businesses.”

What type of businesses is this for?

Anyone that does face to face consultations that wants to move part or all of their business online
Location independent entrepreneurs or solopreneurs that want to grow without having to take on staff
Anyone that wants to create and sell digital products such as an online course
Anyone that provides done for you services

Let me introduce myself

Gary Gleeson website design & marketing strategist

I am Gary Gleeson, a digital entrepreneur and a business and marketing coach that specialises in the booming digital economy.

I created The Digital Growth Method that can be used in 2 ways:

– A done for you service at my digital agency Gleeson Digital

– A done with you service here at Gleeson Digital Academy

I can teach you cutting edge marketing that will attract higher-paying clients that will want to work with you.

Find out by clicking the button below why most website and marketing fails miserably and more importantly what you have to do to fix this fast.

Frequently asked questions

Is it an online course or coaching?

It is an online program with 8 modules that are released weekly with 1 on 1 Zoom video calls.

The program is made up of mostly step by step instructional videos with an online live chat button to ask for help during office hours Monday t0 Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Then there is an additional 5 weeks that can be used to fine-tune your business model, totalling 13 weeks.

Is this suitable for technophobes?

There is some technology involved as The Digital Growth Method is about automating most of your marketing.

But as a qualified trainer, I have specifically designed this program for technophobes by teaching with instructional videos.

All you have to do is watch the video, pause it, carry out the steps. It really is that simple.

Plus there is a live online chat button within the website where you can contact if you get stuck on anything between 9am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday mornings too.

How do I know that isn't a scam?

I run a successful digital agency that is up to date with the latest marketing techniques that I not only use for my clients but I use them on my own businesses too.

If you Google “Gleeson Digital” and visit my website you will see links to my LinkedIn profile and if you want a ink to my personal Facebook account let me know as I will happily give you that when you book a call with me.

How long does it take to work?

This isn’t some kind of hack or a quick fix, this is an automated marketing machine that generates high paying clients.

So assuming that you complete every module on time, well that takes 8 weeks, so it is possible to start getting your first “automated client” in 9 weeks.

However, in module 3, I give some really good strategies where you can get some “low hanging fruit.” 

How does the online support work?

There are 2 ways that online support works:

– There is an online chat support button in the website where I  can be contacted during office hours Mon – Thu and also on Sat & Sun mornings too

– Then there are regular Zoom calls through the program too

Is there a money back guarantee?


There is a 14 day money back guarantee where you will have access to the first 2 modules and if you don’t like what you see I will happily refund you your money.

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NB - Make sure that you add the date to your diary or calendar now and the Zoom details will be emailed to you in due course - Gary